Positive Kids Music

What messages should parents provide their children? Don’t wait for children to discover self-help books and messages on their own as adults. The messages found in books by Stephen Covey, Anthony Robbins, and Dale Carnegie are universal. The lessons from Seven Habits, Who Moved My Cheese?, and The Secret are best taught early in life.

Positive Kids Music provides these messages to children NOW, so they won’t have to reprogram themselves later!

The positive messages in this music will help children:

  • Boost Self Esteem
  • Increase Confidence
  • Have a Positive Outlook on Life
  • Become a Generally Happier Child
  • Have Fun Practicing Listening

“My kids are not fans of being in the car. I hate entertaining with the iPads all the time but the whining and crying in the car is out of control. I decided to invest in some kids CDs to ease my, and their, car agony!!! Well our favorite new CD is “Positive Kids Music.” The girls love it and know all the words and sing along! The CD has absolutely eased our car rides ….just beware, you may catch yourself singing the songs.” – Kristina G, mother of 2, Sherman Oaks, CA